do not manage to squeeze the blade of the 5 millimeter rabbet plane:
An element of blade gone up in the 5 mm rabbet plane squeezes up by saw her BTR whom we screw by the top; in the screwing she presses on the drugs which pinches the blade.

I do not manage to squeeze the blade of the 10 millimeter rabbet plane:
Two elements of blade gone up in the rabbet plane of 10mm squeeze up by saw her BTR whom we screw by the bottom of the rabbet plane ; in the tightening he moves closer to the sole which pinches the blade. 

I do not know if my casket of rabbet plane is complete:
You can verify the contents of the casket on our site; on the other hand the handle(handful) and the guides are common to both rabbet planes.

I do not manage to make a groove correctly:
It is necessary to go up the blade in the rabbet plane so that it is in the middle of this one
It is always necessary to press the rabbet plane on a ruler to be right.
It is necessary to plane throughout the board.
It is recommended to put on the rabbet plane or in the groove, some paraffin wax, wax, soap …
It is also necessary to eject regularly shavings during the work.
It's better to work with not enough regulation.

I find that the rabbet plane goes wrong: 
Verify that you went up well the plastic slice with the thumb wheel of regulation.

I does not include the use of the double guide:
Both guide slide one in the other and settle between the handle and the rabbet plane to hold this one on the field of a board.

I have, in the casket of the rabbet plane, a room with three branches of which one thread:
It is the additional sole supplied for the 5 mm rabbet plane; she amounts on the place of the sole of origin; it is the blind in one eye sole which allows to result in a hole ( minimum diameter 8 ); we can also, by leaning on a template(size), create a groove slightly in curve.

How can we assemble in the other dimensions that the width of rabbet planes?
Let be one widens the groove. 
A tongue on the board is one made to be assembled (a retaining wall on each side) to decrease the thickness in it.
Let be one made two grooves on each of the boards and we assemble them by means of a false tongue (who can be cut from a sheet of plywood); we can also use the wedges of assembly which we sell.