The rabbet plane 5.10 mm

 Rabbet planes 5.10 to realize grooves easily in the wood or in the modern materials. Rabbet planes are sold in two different widths, 5 millimeters and 10 millimeters, because they use the same type(chap) of blades ( divisible blades) an element for 5 and two for 10. The game(set,play) of rabbet planes 5.10 is recommended for the assemblies with field, bottom of drawer, shop window(showcase), small shelves, in the plywood, MDF, wood …

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To create grooves of 5 or 10 millimeters we use the corresponding rabbet plane. 

Zoomto start use a ruller

To create rebates, put your tool against a ruler to be right, always throughout. 

ZoomWith depth guide

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 Groove on the field of a board, the departure being made with the guide to double supports.

ZoomGuide to double supports

 Grooves on the field of a board allow to realize assembly ( bouvetages ).


Assembly of the blind in one eye sole

The assembly(editing) of the blind in one eye sole on the rabbet plane of 5mm, allows to uncork the groove in a hole drilled with a drill of 8 mm or more.