Verify that you put the adapter in the first one on the magnet(affectionate) and the blade above ( rectangular liking version)
Verify that the slice in summer putting under the butterfly

- I have difficulty planing:
The regulation has to be adapted to the expected work and to the worked materials
It is necessary to grow throughout the board by holding the plane on the bias

- I have difficulty settling(adjusting) the plane:
In the first one we loosen the butterfly, then we leave with a minimum of regulation to the fact that we find the appropriate regulation (not to grope, on the plane is engraved(burnt) in the back + and-)

- my plane does not plane:
Verify that the used blade is affutée (certain blades sold in the discount stores are not correctly affutées); on the other hand do not plane with the blade trapeze of grindstone that one you supplied to pull down(to reduce) the morfil of the blades of scraper. 

- when I work in an angle the blade positions on the bias:
It is necessary to verify that the slice under the butterfly is put well and that the tightening of the butterfly is sufficient(self-important).

When I work in an angle the rebate moves:
Verify that the blade overflows slightly the plane; if the point(headland) of the blade trapeze is broken, it is simply enough to move her(it) more (it is not necessary to change blade).

When do we have to change the blade?
We take a new blade for fragile materials; when the blade does not work any more perfectly, we shall keep(guard) her(it) for the wood or for the chipboard, to see, even to use the blades which are not any more usable in a knife with carpet because the point(headland) is abimée.

The guide does not hold:
Verify that the guide is put well in the rack(housewarming) on the sole of the plane and not in the hole planned to receive the sole in position scraper.
Verify that two small spurs placed on the guide returned well into the rack(housewarming).
Verify that the tightening with the special key is sufficient(self-important).

I does not understand(include) the various slopes of the guide:
The dishes of the guide correspond to the various angles; when the dish(flat) is in support on the sole of the guide it gives the exact angle (a location is moreover inlayed on the side of the guide) - the blade does not like when we smooth(glide):
Verify that you was able to the to adapt in the first one one the magnet ( affectionate ) and the blade above (rectangular liking version)
Verify that the slice in summer putting to under the butterfly