- go(take) up the drugs of tightening of blade.
- prepare the thumb wheel of regulation with the plastic slice.
- put the sole in the rabbet plane and screw it with the thumb wheel. 

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Grooving of 5mm to go up the drugs to go up the thumb wheel + - to put an element of blade of 5mm between the drugs and the sole of the rabbet plane and to squeeze(tighten) the drugs with saw her BTR who positions by the top. slice sole before 

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- the deep regulation of the blade is made by screwing and by undoing the thumb wheel which makes rise and come down the sole Regulation of blade by the sole before.


Assembly of the blind in one eye sole

The blind in one eye sole allows the rabbet plane of 5 millimeters to result in a hole in the middle of board, it will be necessary to drill beforehand a hole of diameter 8.
The assemblies can thus leave set back(decreasing) with regard to(compared with) the edge of the board. 

ASSEMBLY OF the 10 mm grooving

Assembly(Editing) of the blade:
- we squeeze the sole of the rabbet plane by means of saw her BTR, who is situated on the sole of the rabbet plane, what allows to block(surround) the blade (two elements for the rabbet plane of ten).

ASSEMBLY OF THE HANDLE AND THE GUIDES (they are common for the 5 and 10 mm grooving)

Assembly of the deep guide on the side of the rabbet plane in the planned
accommodation, we settle him according to the wished depth. 

Both elements of the double guide slide one in the other, it is necessary enboiter before going up them. 

The double guide positions between the poignee and the rabbet plane, he squeezes up quant we squeeze the handle by means of saw her violin.

Common handle for the 5 and 10 mm rabbet plane