Family company creates in 1962, establishment Chouzy proposes you a complete range of tools allowing the work of the wood, bound for the handyman occasional as for the professional. All our products are of French manufacturing.
In 1983 we patented under him(it) N ° 82 02739 the plane KID 12, which still used the same type of blades. These amounted on the other hand by the bottom. Provided with a small reticule adjusting screw, Kid 12 is the first plane of the range offering the possibility of adapting a trying-plane.
The multifunction convertible plane KID 20 (patent(certificate) N 93 12630) goes out in 1993. This new generation of plane KID with blades of cutters changes the history(story) of the company by knowing successes which extend to the professionals. New possibilities are then offered because it is from now on possible to adapt numerous blades sold in the business(trade): blades trapezes, divisible blades of cutter, fine blades, in cracks or in holes; blades being maintained by a magnet(affectionate). Besides, the features of the plane extend considerably thanks to the possibility of changing the head of the plane in plane 125 mm rabbet plane, in plane 10mm (low of door) or in trying-plane 250 mm, whereas the alone system of cup(cutting) allows the use of the plane as the scraper. The plane KID 20 makes 50mm of width and is always marketed.
In 1997, we apply for the patent(certificate) N ° 9702615 for one multifunction door-blade, tool allowing multiple adaptations. You will find again this product in version simplified under the name BOSS CUTTER, usable now as muiti cutter blades.
In 2001, we apply for the patent(certificate)? 0111296 entitled RABBET PLANE MONOBLOCK for small rabbet planes also says rabbet planes with exchangeable blades. They allow to make grooves easily. This tool was finalized(worked out) to answer an important demand(request) of our customers.
The plane KID 24 (65 mm wide), taken(brought) out in 2003 resumes(takes back) the same conception(design) as
KID 20 but he allows, besides the blades of the KID 20, to receive blades trapezes which are the widest of the business(trade). This plane is monoblock. He(it) is equipped with a handle(handful) in very ergonomic composite material(subject) and possesses an adjustable guide 30 °, 45 °, 60 ° and 90 ° prisoner in a rack(housewarming). Its handle(handful) trying-plane is muiti function(office): use as trying-plane, scraper or sander.